Sheena-Rae is a new artist born and based in London,  23 years of age. She has always enjoyed being on stage; completing her degree in Musical Theatre last year. She studied at the London Centre of Contemporary Music previous to this, which is where she started writing music and performing at gigs, and this was the point she knew that’s what she wanted to do as a career. She has been wanting to write an EP for a while, and the lockdown gave her a push to make this come true. When she shot her music video it felt like her dreams were coming to life. She listens to pop music, r&b, house and dance music, which is where her influences came from. From musicians like Kehlani, Ariana Grande, Doja Cat,  Nicki Minaj, Little Mix and Tinashe, her music has a pop, r&b and dance vibe to it, where she tries to stay true to herself and her personality in her music. As well as writing and singing, she does modelling, dancing, acting, and is also working part time in a bar. She has plans to perform her original songs live, work on more music, and film another video for one of the songs from her EP Soul-ty Tiers, which is out soon!